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Hello Reader,

I created a NEW gluten-free Snickerdoodle cookie recipe to celebrate National Cookie Day. 🥳

They're rolled in cinnamon sugar, have a soft center with slightly crisp edges, and taste just like you remember them!

Get my Snickerdoodle cookie recipe here.

Don't like Snickerdoodles? Check out my [growing] list of 13+ Gluten-Free Christmas Cookies you can make this holiday season!

Hanukkah is Thursday

One of the [many] reasons being Jewish is hard is that Hanukkah often falls several weeks before Christmas.

While most people have a few more weeks of shopping and baking to get ready, it's a mad scramble in my house to get ready for the festival of lights.

If you're still looking for a good latke, brisket, or jelly donut recipe, refer to my list of 18 Gluten-Free Hanukkah recipes.

New Baking Kit

Speaking of Hanukkah, Little GF Chefs released a NEW Hanukkah cookie-baking kit ... and it's adorable.

My daughter and I made these precious dreidel-shaped cookies over the weekend. The kit came with a wooden dreidel and allergy-friendly gelt (chocolate coins).

Use the code GOODFORYOU for 10% off any Little GF Chef purchase.

New Gluten-Free Finds

I spotted The Maine Pie Co. gluten-free crust at Sprouts this week. Holy cow, this is a beautiful pie crust.

I had been using the Wholly Gluten-Free crust or my own delicious gluten-free pie crust recipe, but these Maine Pie Co. crusts are so gorgeous that I will use them for my next pie-making adventure.

None of the grocery stores near me carry gluten-free puff pastry, and I often make my own puff pastry, which isn't hard to do, but it's work.

I recently learned about a new company, Gluten Free Easy, which makes gluten-free puff pastry squares and sheets. Best of all, you can buy them online at the Gluten Free Shoppe!

I will make a knish (potato-filled pastry) with the squares, and I'm not sure what I'll make with the sheets yet. Any requests? I'm feeling inspired.

No Nima News

Nima users who preordered Nima capsules after a nearly five-month wait are, you guessed it, still waiting for their capsules to arrive.

Nima jacked up its prices and is now sitting on our money. Ho hum. Hopefully, the capsules will arrive soon. The natives (me) are restless.

Don't know what Nima is? Read THIS ARTICLE.

Omer On My Mind

I mentioned last week that my husband was in Israel volunteering. He snapped this photo of a poster of Omer Shem-Tov at the airport.

Omer is a young man kidnapped by Hamas. He is in his 59th day of captivity.

I featured Omer in this Instagram video. He has celiac disease. I won't stop talking about him until he's home.

I feel more grateful than ever to be part of this amazing community. I love that I get to share this beautiful gluten-free life with you.


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